Sonic Shear Stability of Polymer-Containing Oils

We perform lubricants testing by ASTM D2603 to measure the sonic shear stability of hydraulic fluids, transmission fluids, and other similar materials. This test method permits the evaluation of shear stability with minimum interference from thermal and oxidative factors which may be present in some applications. It has been found applicable to fluids containing both readily sheared and shear-resistant polymers. Within the limitations expressed in the scope of this test method, it has been successfully applied to hydraulic fluids, transmission fluids, tractor fluids, and other fluids of similar applications. Shear Stability by ASTM D2603 evaluates the shear stability of an oil containing polymer in terms of the permanent loss in viscosity that results from irradiating a sample of the oil in a sonic oscillator.

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Sample quantity required: 100 ml

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