Electrical Conductivity of Aviation and Distillate Fuels

We perform fuel quality testing by ASTM D2624 to measure the ability of jet fuel and distillate fuels to dissipate electrical charges. The ability of a fuel to dissipate charge that has been generated during pumping and filtering operations is controlled by its electrical conductivity, which depends upon the ion species content. If the fuel’s electrical conductivity is sufficiently high, electrical charges dissipate fast enough to prevent their accumulation. This can also prevent dangerously high electrical charges in a receiving tank. Conductivity by ASTM D2624 determines the electrical conductivity of aviation and distillate fuels with and without a static dissipator additive.

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Sample quantity required: 350 ml

ASTM D2624 corresponds to IP 274.

For additional information on this test method or to purchase a copy of the method, please click HERE to open a new window and visit the ASTM website. Learn more about our laboratory’s certifications and quality program here.

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