Decades of combined experience.

SPL experts have decades of combined experience in deepwater operations support. We can help monitor and evaluate production systems (in real time when needed) to help optimize flow assurance or production chemistry issues and provide operational guidance. Our broad expertise in deepwater flow assurance applications have helped operators overcome fluid-related challenges to maximize production.

Production Operation Through Better Flow Assurance Management

Our experts use a combination of field data analysis, modeling, and lab testing along with decades of field experience to help solve complex fluid-related challenges in the field.

Whether hydrates, asphaltenes, paraffin, scale, emulsions, slugging, (often a combination), we have the expertise to design experiments needed to characterize the issue and offer field application solutions. 

We have the ability to help with new well startups, cold restarts, commingling production flow, restricted flow, unplanned shutdown mitigation, slugging, emulsions, JT cooling, DP increase, and much more.

Live Monitoring and Operational Guidance in Real Time

On a case-by-case basis, our experts can monitor operators’ live production systems during normal flow or challenging transient operation periods. We can provide operational guidelines to help ensure safe and optimal production conditions.

Modeling, Lab Testing, and Application to the Field

We can model your fluids (MultiFlash) and production system under steady-state or transient flow (OLGA) conditions and apply the model outputs (and modeling limitations) to your system. Combining this with lab test data and global deepwater experience, we can make informed recommendations to the field.

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