Your key to overcoming high viscosity, pressure drops, slugging, and corrosion challenges.

We offer a multitude of testing options to mitigate and control challenging operational emulsion and separation problems such as high viscosity fluid flow, high pressure drops, slugging, and corresponding corrosion effects.

Service Offerings

Turbiscan Technology: Our utilization of Turbiscan technology enables us to screen a multitude of emulsion breaker chemistries for emulsion stability under various water cuts, temperatures, and dose rates. By leveraging Turbiscan testing, we can delve deeper into the intricacies of complex emulsion rheology, enabling us to pinpoint potential issues that could lead to slugging and topsides challenges in your operations.

High-Pressure Emulsion Rheology: Our expertise extends to high-pressure emulsion rheology testing, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of how your fluids behave under elevated pressure conditions to include emulsion viscosity fitting. This insight is crucial for optimizing operations and mitigating potential challenges such as high viscosity fluid flow and slugging.

Inversion Point Analysis (Brookfield): Our capabilities include inversion point analyses using Brookfield instruments to understand the emulsion tendency of produced fluids. This analysis provides us with valuable data for effective operational guidance and further tailored testing matrices.

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