Navigating the hydrate threat in subsea operations.

Hydrates have the potential to rapidly block pipelines with minimal warning.

We understand the critical challenges posed by hydrate formation in oil and gas operations. Hydrates, known to commonly form in locations of high pressure and low temperatures, have the potential to rapidly block pipelines with minimal warning, impacting the efficiency and reliability of your production. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of services to address these challenges head-on.

Hydrate Formation Challenges

  • Maximum Treatable and Untreatable Water Cuts
  • Chemical Dose Optimization
    • Low-dose hydrate inhibitors (LDHIs) – anti-agglomerants (AAs), kinetic hydrate inhibitors (KHIs)
    • Thermodynamic hydrate inhibitors – Methanol, MEG
  • Best in Class Testing
  • Transient and Steady State Modeling Support
  • Hydrate Volume Fraction Calculations and Hydrate Equilibrium Curves
SPL Rocking Cells for Flow Assurance risk Hydrates

Hydrate Testing Technology

  • Rocking Cells:
    • We offer both 6-cell and 10-cell units designed to screen large testing matrices under subsea flowline conditions. Detailed testing protocols along with historical lab to field correlations offer a reliable chemical screening solution.
  • Hydrate Autoclaves:
    • We have two standard hydrate autoclaves that are instrumental to properly optimize chemical dose rates being utilized in the field along with the development of new chemistries under specific field applications.
  • High Pressure Rheometer:
    • We have multiple High-Pressure Rheometers that can tackle your most challenging hydrate scenarios. Requiring smaller fluid volumes and a heightened torque sensitivity, these high-pressure units can tailor custom testing protocols to replicate almost any unique offshore field.

Stay a step ahead of hydrate challenges.

Our testing strategies empower you to anticipate and address potential issues, ensuring seamless and efficient oil and gas production. Don’t wait for problems to arise – test first so you are able to make decisions with confidence!

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