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From ASTM D4814 gasoline testing, where we identify issues such as oxidation and phase separation, to ASTM D975 diesel fuel testing addressing contamination challenges – we’ve got your fuel quality covered. Certified for ASTM D1655 jet fuel testing, including Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), we ensure safety and reliability with critical tests. Specializing in ASTM D4806 ethanol testing for vital purity checks, we’re the go-to for ethanol producers and terminals. But we don’t stop there – our expertise extends to a variety of fuels, from mineral spirits to rocket propellant. Let SPL be your partner for unparalleled fuel testing services that redefine industry standards.

SPL Gasoline testing

We specialize in ASTM D4814 gasoline testing, serving diverse clients that range from refineries to individual vehicle owners. Our comprehensive suite of testing capabilities cover issues such as oxidation, evaporation, and phase separation in gasoline-ethanol blends. Our commitment extends to providing actionable insights that will empower you with the knowledge to optimize your fuel performance as well as meet and exceed regulatory requirements.

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trucks at gas station getting diesel

Specializing in ASTM D975 diesel fuel testing for diverse applications, our comprehensive services focus on ensuring the quality of diesel fuel while addressing critical issues such as contamination. We conduct regular quality checks on diesel, particularly for crucial applications. In the face of challenges such as water accumulation and corrosion, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards in diesel fuel quality assurance.

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With a focus on precision, we are dedicated to certifying fuels for a diverse clientele, including commercial aircraft, the US military, and individual owners. Emphasizing safety and reliability, we conduct critical assessments, including evaluations of freeze point and high-temperature stability. Additionally, our commitment extends to testing emerging alternative jet fuel blends, such as Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). Explore our continually expanding list of tests.

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SPL Fuel Testing

Focusing on ASTM D4806 ethanol testing tailored for fuel blending, we cater to ethanol producers, rail terminals, and fuel terminals. Ethanol plays a significant role in gasoline blending, with widely used blends such as E10 and E85. Ensuring the purity of ethanol is paramount to meeting specifications and addressing challenges like high water content and high acidity. Our comprehensive range of common ethanol-related tests reflects our commitment to quality.

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SPL fuel testing

We perform quality and conformance testing on a variety of fuels, such as mineral spirits, rocket propellant, kerosene, and fuel oils. Listed here are just a few specifications for these types of fuels. We are continuing to expand our testing capabilities, so if you’re interested in specialized testing that isn’t described below, contact us today – it is likely we can create a custom solution that is unique to your needs. We look forward to developing a way to meet your analysis requirements.

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Fuel the future with precision and reliability.

Explore our comprehensive fuel testing services today for quality assurance and compliance. Contact us now to ensure your fuel meets the highest standards.

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