We perform lubricants quality testing by military specification MIL-PRF-6081, which covers jet engine lubricating oil used in specific aircraft jet engines. This military specification covers the requirements for two grades of jet engine lubricating oil. The grades are known as Grade 1005, Grade 1010 (also known by NATO Symbol 0-133), and Grade 1010N. The Grade 1005 and Grade 1010 lubricating oils are intended for use in specific models of military aircraft jet engines. Grade 1010N lubricating oil is intended for use as a preservative fluid for aircraft fuel system components and equipment.

To view or download this specification, click HERE. This specification supersedes military specification MIL-L-6081.

We can perform all of the tests listed per Specification MIL-PRF-6081D. To learn more about these tests, click on the test method number below.