We perform lubricants testing by military specification MIL-PRF-8188, which covers a corrosion-preventive oil. This military specification covers the requirements for one type of corrosion-preventive oil intended for preservation of specific models of aircraft turbine engines, helicopter transmissions, accessory and auxiliary power units, and other types of equipment which require a synthetic base oil. The corrosion-preventive oil should be capable of limited use, not to exceed 25 hours, as an aircraft engine lubricant. This oil is identified by NATO Code No. C-638. 

To read or download this specification, click HERE. This specification supersedes military specification MIL-C-8188.

The following is a list of tests required by Specification MIL-PRF-8188D. Some of these tests are customized for this exact specification. Alcor Petrolab and Phoenix Chemical Laboratory specialize in unusual and custom testing, and our testing capabilities are continuing to expand; contact one of our laboratories today to discuss the exact testing you need. To see more information about one of these tests, click on the test method number.