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prevent and solve flow assurance problems

We understand that rheology is the key to unlocking the full potential of your oil and gas assets. Rheological studies can also help you prevent and solve flow assurance problems that may not be possible when using current industry standards.

Rheological Studies Overview

Rheological studies are essential for oil and gas offshore platforms because they help to optimize and understand the fluid flow in the production systems. These fluids contain complex and non-linear rheological properties that influence their transport, processing, and performance. Rheological studies can help to avoid and solve flow assurance problems such as paraffin and asphaltene deposition, hydrate formation, gel formation, and pipeline blockage that can compromise the efficiency and safety of the operations. Rheological studies can also help to test and improve the performance, injection delivery, and compatibility of various chemicals that are used to improve the fluid flow. Our experts in rheology can create and customize programs to meet your needs and comprehend them fully.

SPL Subsea Flow Assurance
Flow Assurance

Key Testing:

  • Viscosity Measurements:  This component involves using rheometers and viscometers to measure the resistance to flow of various fluids and chemicals under different temperature and pressure settings. This helps to evaluate the transport and processing characteristics of the fluids and chemicals in pipelines and equipment. 
  • Shut-in and Restart Testing: This component involves using our rheometers to measure the yield stress of fluids and chemicals after they have been shut-in for a certain duration. This helps to estimate the pressure needed to restart the flow and prevent or solve flow assurance problems such as paraffin deposition, gel formation, and pipeline blockage. 
  • Single and Multiphase Studies: Our rheometers allow the design of customized programs to simulate and study the effects of various factors such as temperature, pressure, shear rate, and chemical additives on the formation and deposition of hydrates, paraffin, and asphaltenes, the stability and separation of emulsions, and the gelation and flow behavior of fluids flow.

Optimize your offshore operations with customized rheological studies

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