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Understanding our predictive power.

We use a variety of predictive models including ScaleSoftPitzerTM, MultiflashTM, and OLGATM


Models like ScaleSoftPitzer and OLGA can predict the likelihood of mineral scale formation under various conditions, which can be crucial for planning and risk assessment in oilfield operations. They are also capable of dynamic simulation; OLGA, for instance, offers dynamic flow simulations, providing an added dimension to steady-state analyses by predicting system dynamics such as time-varying changes in flow rates, fluid compositions, temperature, and solids deposition. ScaleSoftPitzer can calculate the amount of inhibitor needed to prevent scale formation, which can be useful in optimizing oilfield scale treatment. Another advantage is these models provide an in-depth analysis of the kinetics of scale formation and its inhibition, which can be crucial for the development of effective mitigation strategies

The models are not full proof however and some uncertainty exists stemming from, for example, the accuracy of the solubility data that backs up the models. Scale dissolution/precipitation processes are complex and interdependent, which can lead to numerical instabilities when calculating mass and energy transfers between minerals and aqueous phases. While these models can provide valuable insights in a controlled laboratory setting, their applicability in real-world scenarios can be limited due to the variability and unpredictability of field conditions. Therefore, there is a need for subject matter expertise when using and interpretating these models which can be a barrier for some users. Finally, the cost of these software tools and the need for specialized training can be a barrier for some organizations, particularly smaller ones with limited resources.

Empower your oilfield strategy with SPL’s predictive models.

caleSoftPitzer, Multiflash, and OLGA offer unmatched insights, from inhibitor calculations to dynamic simulations. Overcome uncertainties with expert guidance.