Leading the way in addressing industry-wide concerns through the development of model oils and waxes.

Our commitment extends to custom equipment and test methods designed to find innovative solutions, ensuring the optimization of fluid analyses across all enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and flow assurance areas. We have the unique ability to customize laboratory testing to address multifaceted industry-wide problems, including building custom equipment, test methods, and R&D support to provide the highest value to clients.

Overview of Services

Model Oil and Wax Development: We address industry-wide concerns by developing model oils and waxes, providing a representative framework for fluid analysis.

Custom Equipment and Test Methods: Our commitment to finding solutions extends to the creation of custom equipment and test methods. This ensures a tailored approach to overcoming specific challenges mimicking field applications.

Wax Loop Examples: We showcase our expertise through wax loop examples, illustrating our proficiency in modifying existing industry equipment to address specific Flow Assurance problems.

Coatings and Surface Modifications: Our specialized services include testing coatings and surface modifications, catering to the unique needs of different flow assurance areas. This encompasses oleophobic solutions for paraffin, hydrophobic solutions for scale and corrosion, and omniphobic solutions addressing a wide range of challenges.

Specialized Surface Studies: Leveraging advanced techniques such as Scanning Electron Microscopy with Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (SEM-EDS), prolifometry, and wettability assessments, we conduct specialized surface studies to gain a deep understanding of fluid behavior.

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