Scaling Solutions

Optimize Your Production by embracing scale management with our proprietary Static Bottle Testing.

Uncover Potential Scale Issues

This straightforward yet highly effective procedure serves as a predictive tool, enabling the anticipation of potential scale challenges in the field.


Mineral scale static bottle testing is a laboratory procedure used to evaluate the potential for scale formation in oil and gas production systems. It involves mixing a sample of produced water with a sample of injection water, then incubating the mixture at a specific temperature and pressure for a set period. The resulting precipitate, or scale, is then analyzed to determine its composition and quantity.

This information can be used to predict scale problems in the field and to design appropriate scale management strategies. The test is simple, cost-effective, and provides valuable data for managing production operations.

Strategic Insights for Proactive Solutions

This method stands out for its simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and the wealth of valuable data it provides for informed decision-making in production operations.