You get more with SPL.

We pride ourselves on being more than just a top-tier service provider. In addition to our comprehensive range of testing solutions, we offer specialized Expert Witness Services to support you in legal matters and dispute resolution.

When we say we stand behind our data and results, we mean it.

We are so confident in the accuracy and reliability of the data we provide that we go a step further – we are prepared to legally defend our findings in court.

About Our Expert Witness Services

As the industry-recognized technical experts, we are equipped to provide credible, fact-based testimony that carries weight. We have a track record of delivering expert witness services that have made a significant impact in legal proceedings.

We go beyond standard testing services, offering in-depth analysis and interpretation of complex data. Our experts provide a thorough understanding of test results, helping to strengthen your case with scientifically sound and reliable information.

Navigating legal disputes can be complex.

We are able to support your legal team by providing clear and compelling expert testimony. Whether you are involved in a regulatory compliance case, environmental litigation, mediation, or any other legal matter – our experts are here to assist.

Our team is ready to provide the support and insight required to strengthen your legal position.