Sustainability, environmental awareness, and employee wellbeing are guiding principles at SPL. We strive to have a positive impact on the industries we serve and the communities we operate in.

With the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable team of engineers, chemists, and scientists, we are constantly pushing boundaries to ensure our analytical and testing capabilities keep pace with the evolving needs of our diverse customers.

“The Science of Sure” isn’t just a motto. It’s a mentality that each and every SPL employee embraces when they come to work. Our teams understand the significance and importance of being part of our customer’s sustainability journey, as we all work toward being better stewards of the planet.

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When we began experiencing significant operational challenges at our plant processing facilities due to some type of contaminate in-flow from our upstream receipt points, an ad-hoc sampling program was urgently needed. SPL’s laboratory team jumped in with logistics support, cylinder procurement and advice on sampling methodologies to help us identify & mitigate the problem. As one of our core 3rd party service providers, SPL is relied on for support on a daily basis and especially during critical outages or operational challenges. SPL’s response and technical expertise provides us with the confidence to know that we are in a partnership with the right folks!!!”

“SPL is unique because you can find out about your fluids in the lab and then see how it translates into flow assurance issues (and opportunities). These guys actually walk you through and help you understand lab studies. Then they help you develop a plan.”

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