Bringing clarity to water quality.


We maintain an extensive range of certifications, wide analytical scope, and top-notch licensed sampling technicians to support all of your water testing needs. We are your single source to not only meet, but exceed, your compliance requirements. 

As one of the few laboratories certified to provide UCMR5 testing, we provide a local presence to help with sample collection across the state and analytical testing in our Texas-based laboratory. 

Drinking Water

Our laboratories are dedicated to ensuring the safety and quality of your drinking water. With dedicated SME’s and a commitment to public health, we provide accurate and timely testing services. From local municipalities to private households, we’re your partner in delivering water you can trust.


Through a team of experienced scientists you ca trust, we specialize in analyzing groundwater quality to ensure the safety and integrity of your water supply. We employ rigorous testing methodologies to assess various contaminants, providing accurate and timely results for environmental monitoring, regulatory compliance, and peace of mind.


Whether you require compliance testing, pollution monitoring, or risk assessment, we offer comprehensive services to support your environmental goals. We combine expertise and innovation to ensure accurate results, helping you make informed decisions.


For municipal and industrial wastewater permittees who need services ranging from sample collection, analytical testing and DMR reporting, SPL can meet all these needs via our extensive field services reach and extensive analytical scope. 

View and Track Your Results Online

SPL’s WebLDS portal provides our customers with real-time 24-hour access to their data.

Corporate Headquarters

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