Empowered by a proficient team of technicians, we seamlessly handle the collection and transportation of samples to one of our many laboratory locations, where our seasoned scientists employ their expertise to conduct thorough and precise analyses. We are dedicated to ensuring the delivery of comprehensive insights tailored to your environmental needs. From field to lab, our cohesive approach guarantees a seamless and reliable journey for your samples, resulting in valuable data that drives informed environmental decisions.

About Our Soils Testing

We maintain an extensive scope of inorganic, organic and soil quality parameters to assist you with your needs for analysis of soils and solid materials.  We can support your analytical needs by providing analyses for remedial investigations, waste characterization for disposal purposes, delineation of contamination associated with spills or releases, site assessments, as well as other environmental testing needs. 

Our regional field offices can support your sample collection needs as well.  With extensive coverage in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas, our trained field technicians can support your soil and solids sampling requirements. 

Our extensive experience supporting energy and petrochemical customers with both environmental testing and hydrocarbon testing gives us a unique ability to support forensic analysis of contaminated soils.  Providing our customers with the detailed data needed to make informed decisions for site cleanup and remediation. 

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