SPL is a leading provider of compliance and testing services for Environmental, Energy, and other end markets. Through our ISO and NELAP certified labs, verifiable test methods, and nationally recognized scientists SPL is dedicated to ensuring accurate and defensible data to our clients and communities. By providing best-in-class laboratory, metrology, and data management services, as well as access to data in real-time, our customers are able to efficiently track and optimize their operations. At SPL, we are committed to meeting the needs of the Environmental and Energy sectors through our expansive network of laboratories and service centers. It is our mission to be your preferred partner, empowering our customers to lead the world toward a more transparent, fair, and sustainable future.

End-to-End Solutions

We understand the issues facing the energy industry today and the challenges we will face tomorrow.

Through cutting-edge technology, meticulous processes, and highly qualified personnel, we offer insights you can trust—through The Science of Sure®.

SPL has tackled some of our industry’s most difficult challenges in partnership with the world’s leaders in the environmental, energy, manufacturing, and aerospace industries. Together, we have improved efficiency, profitability, safety, and sustainability.

Accurate, Defensible Data – Where You Need It, When You Need

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