Maximize efficiency, boost profitability.


Collaborating with our clients, we identify allocation requirements, from initial measurements to the final management of hydrocarbon streams. We then craft a tailored allocation flowchart and conduct a thorough on-site assessment to suggest measurement locations across the field. Leveraging advanced process simulation modeling (PSM), databases, and reporting tools, SPL develops precise allocation algorithms to track hydrocarbon assets from well to sale.


Once the setup is complete, SPL works with
our customers to optimize measurement and
analytical data gathering and processing to
provide timely reporting of all data results on a
set schedule.


Receive daily, weekly and monthly reporting tailor-made to your individual needs. This vital data enables customers to realize: measurement anomalies in near-real time, production trends and true asset value at the point of sale after commingling, flash, and shrinkage.

There is no such thing as a small oversight.

All potential misallocations can have a huge impact on your business. That’s why so many operators trust SPL to get it right.

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