SPL is a leader in analytical service, pioneering several of today’s industry-standard testing methods commonly used by labs worldwide.

Our hydrocarbon labs provide compositional, theoretical, and physical property information on hydrocarbon products including natural gas, condensate, and crude oils to help energy producers meet regulatory and sustainability obligations.

Highly accurate analytical data gives you valuable intelligence, allowing you to enhance asset quality, forecast well depletions, protect valuable equipment, maximize product valuation, and enable strategic decision-making at each point along the energy value chain.

When sample integrity matters, our ISO-accredited quality systems paired with our expert team of project managers, engineers and chemists ensures your data has been rigorously scrutinized to ensure data fidelity.

With over a thousand GPA, ASTM and other industry standard test methods to offer, our hydrocarbon labs are a one-stop shop for best-in-class analytical capabilities of your hydrocarbon products.

24-hour access to data, at your fingertips

SPL is proud to offer some of the fastest sample analysis turnaround times in the industry, which means you spend less time waiting for results. We offer a unique customer access portal, SureVue, which gives the ability to e-tag samples, track the progress of a sample as it moves through our laboratory, view sample results, set historical data parameters, and flag unusual sample results.

With more than thirty location across the United States, SPL is always close by.

Corporate Headquarters

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