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specialization in custom testing

We specialize in comprehensive analyses of fuels and lubricants, ensuring precision and reliability that meet the highest industry standards. What sets us apart from other fuel testing laboratories is our specialization in custom testing. From modifying current methods to meet an alternative need to designing and setting up custom tests – our engineering team and other technical experts are ready to hear your problem and help create a solution.

Fuels and Lubricants Overview

Our testing services helps our customers solve problems, save money, meet industry standards, and comply with government regulations. We are ISO 17025 certified and are active members in the societies that govern the regulations around the products we test such as ASTM, SAE, and NLGI.

We offer a wide range of testing services for hydrocarbon products such as: jet fuel, diesel, gasoline, ethanol, biofuels, kerosene, lubricants, greases, hydraulic fluids, heat transfer fluids, crude oil, additives, and refinery intermediates, just to name a few.

SPL Fuels and Lubricants


If you have a fuel or lubricant issues and don’t know which test you need, or if you need a specific test which isn’t listed, please contact us. We will work with you to develop a solution to your specific situation.

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